I just wrote this as an idea for my healing album,
Lyrics softly in the background....

Let us take our place among the crowd.

Let our energy engulf the fear and turn it into peace.

Let us shine a light so bright that they are blinded into silence, for that is where they will know who they are.

Let us be the love they so desire.

 Let us walk in love so they fall to their knees with knowing of the change that is here for them to own.

Let them be the masters of their destiny with pride and joy. Let them walk in freedom to their rightful place of heaven on earth.

Let the Angels smile for work well done.

Let the Angels rejoice in a chorus of song.

Let all of the people see who they are away from the pains of the dark lives carried.

Centuries of fear now turn to light.

Pure joy has no words for its felt not written.

Lets dance forever in harmony and bliss.

This beautiful world stands still once more...



Fundación Llamas de la Paz           Flames of Peace Foundation